No Valo Ambassadors

At No Valo, we pride ourselves with working with all the stakeholders concerned, as a result, if you share our vision, we would like to partner with you. The No Valo ambassadors have been chosen to represent No Valo across the globe and are involved in our initiatives with the youth. Our ambassadors are passionate about coaching and mentoring and are ready to break the cycle of poverty through education!

Omphile Rakolle

Q&A with the No Valo Ambassodor Chair
Omphile Rakolle (UNISA Final Year Student)

What does it mean to be a No Valo Ambassador to you?

being a No Valo ambassador to me means advocating for education,advocating for the advancement of the youth everywhere esp the ones with disadvantaged backgrounds ,it means advocating for the eradication of poverty through education,it means empowering young people to go ahead and achieve their dreams no matter the circumstances and last but not least it means advocating for a life that’s led and lived with fear being an enabler and not a deterrent.We will encounter and feel the fear but we need to have the courage to feel the fear but do it anyway

What does leading yourself with no fear mean to you?

It means feeding my faith a lot more than I do my fears,it means not letting fear deter me,it means facing it because the fears we don’t face become our limits

Why do you think the No Valo Founder appointed you as the Chair of the No Valo Ambassadors? What makes you a great fit?

I think I was appointed to be chair of the no Valo ambassador by the founder because we share the same vision,it’s easier to trust and collaborate with someone who shares the same vision as you.

What are you mostly looking forward to with regards to working with the first group of the No Valo Ambassadors in 2021?

I look forward to learning and growing as I lead,I’m looking forward to pouring into the team,I look forward to making the vision come to life,I’m looking forward to having fun and making a difference together with the team ,in the lives of other young people