We offer a year-long coaching support program for the varsity students and young professionals which will:

Self Leadership

Equip students with skills to lead themselves with their studies and in everyday life.

Peak Performance

Empower students with tools to enable peak performance in their studies.

Work-readiness/ Career Coaching

Enlighten students on soft and professional skills and provide a conducive practice environment before they transition to various training programs.

Elements in the year-long Coaching Process:

Face to face

Quaterly: One-to-one Coaching
Monthly: Group Coaching


Online assessments
Pre-recorded video and audio material

Tactile Learning

Simulated business environment and
Leadership skills through peer mentoring

Here are the options to choose from:

Option 1Option 2
Option 3
Access to managed e-learning platforms, recording, assessments and workbooksAllAllAll
One-to-One Coaching Sessions per student
Small-Group Coaching Sessions with 10 students per group3N/A2
Workshops with 25 students per group22*2
Rate per Student
Minimum number of students that can be enrolled200200200
Retainer (per annum)

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