No Valo Learning Centre is an e-learning platform providing personal and professional development resources and skills to varsity students to enable relevance and security in a changing world whilst excelling in their studies.

No Valo Learning Centre is a subsidiary of No Valo (Pty)Ltd, No Valo's vision is to break the cycle of poverty through education. Valo is a Zulu word for Fear, at No Valo, we belive that if you have no fear you can conquer anything and in us helping you conquer your fear through performance coaching, we believe that you will be empowered to perform at your peak in your studies and plan for your career in confidence.

These are the key focus areas:
  • Self Leadership Coaching
  • Peak Academic Performance Coaching
  • Career Coaching


    The free resources on the No Valo e-learning platform can be found on our No Valo Learning Centre and Zanele Maduna Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube pages.


    The No Valo ambassadors have been chosen to represent No Valo across the globe and are involved in our initiatives with the youth.


    Join our family and create the content that aims to empower the youth on self-leadership, peak performance and careers.


    Here are some of the testimonials from our Coachees and Mentees

    These are some of the principles I learnt from my Coach Self-awareness is important. Managing distractions and anxiety. My mind is the beginning of it all. I need to develop self-leadership and more importantly hug my fears. This stood out for me, and resonated with me throughout my preparation.

    Hope Singo No-Valo Coachee

    The coaching programme really boosted my confidence above all, made me realize my strong points and then l maximized on those. I became more organized which made me feel l was in control of my studies all the time. Overall my exam technique improved in that l would actually go through all the required questions before attempting the questions, understanding the required and then break it down and then plan my answer. This helped calm me down as l would start with areas l was more comfortable with and then approach the harder parts later and still earn my marks.

    Tinashe No Valo Coachee

    The mentorship program advanced my personal development skills, from communication skills to critical thinking skills and more. This program is more than just a mentorship program, it is driven on vision planning and execution including creating a network of individuals with an objective of creating sustainable value-added solutions to problems experienced in their respective communities. It was one experience I will forever be grateful for and encourage all future leaders who have a vision greater than themselves to be a part this program.

    Andrew Leeuw No-Valo Mentee

    I learnt a lot from everyone. All the mentors influenced me in more than one way and it helped that some of them have faced and overcome some of my shortcomings. It made it relatable and very possible for myself that I can even rise and overcome. I am inspired to continue learning and growing with the hopes of influencing the next mentees not only as an alumni but also a future mentor.

    Noluthando Zungu No Valo Mentee